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Russian to foreigners

Most foreigners in Kiev, ex-pats and people who permanently stay here for business, work, or any other purpose are in need for acquiring the local language. Despite the fact that the state language is Ukrainian, the majority of people speak Russian here. Yes, sometimes you may do without Russian, if you work and socialize in the English speaking surrounding in particular, but you also must be aware of the fact that very few locals can talk English .So everyday routine apart from your office can turn into nightmare. Dealing with minor authorities, paying your bills, visiting the doctor, fixing your internet, simply asking your way in the city-all this can turn into a painful and time consuming ordeal.

So, once you have made this vital decision to study Russian, you have already moved one step toward your easier future in our country. And here is the good news: if you are reading this –you are lucky to find out the best Russian course in Kiev.


We offer 6 levels of Russian language courses according to the language competence: introductory course and 5 courses ( levels A1-C2 ) aimed at mastering the language .

After finishing your Russian course you will be able to understand and use Russian in different everyday situations, both formal and informal ones, you will be able to write simple texts, e-mails and documents etc. .You will be able to read adapted texts of the russian literature classics, and those who achieveadvanced level may understand Russian literature in original. It`s important to note that you would rather prefer to be able to ask for a bill in the restaurant than discuss the theme of freedom, so we will focus on your everyday language more. Our lessons are a specially designed course , combining linguistic and cultural aspects, focusing on social and practical needs and using the most progressive methodic of the leading publishing houses and our own ones.


We offer 6 levels of Russian language courses according to the language competence: introductory course and 5 courses (levels A1-C2) aimed at mastering the language.

The terms of your studying depend on the frequency of the classes and their duration, on your initial level of the language and on your abilities.

We believe that 95 percent of students have talent for learning the foreign language; just they should love what they are doing. Of course, some are better, some are worse, some grasp the material immediately, and some need more time and patience. Yet, 9 out of ten learners will get positive results, having a solid command of the Russian. We believe that one of the most important conditions of successful mastering the language is your self-confidence and realizing that language is just the tool for your understanding and you’re being understood. We don’t think that people will react negatively if you make mistakes or your accent sounds different. I should admit that Ukrainian people are rather friendly and they enjoy hearing someone talk Russian, they are mostly ready to help you when you refer to them in their language. Some of them may lower their eyes and pretend not to hear you, but that’s another case which comes to personal level of hospitality and politeness.



  • - Be hardworking and patient during your classes
  • - Use every single opportunity to practice your Russian in daily life
  • - Be curious and interested in the language


Following all the recommendations above you will definitely get great results very soon

On average it takes one-two years to speak Russian fluently

You can start studying from any level-from starter to advanced


You can take Russian lessons at a time and place convenient for you (at my office or at your office/home). Learning one-to-one has its advantages,you choose the intensity of your course yourself, focusing more on any particular topic you would like to pay more attention to. If you prefer one-to-one classes, I'll provide you with a customized programme and a schedule to meet your personal needs. You can also learn the language in mini-groups of 2 to 4 people ,which will allow you to get personalized approach and a chance to practice conversational skills with your group mates.


We are happy to offer you a course ,which is specifically designed for people who need Russian for business communication and networking. You will master business vocabulary on the following areas


  • - General business and business correspondence
  • - Marketing
  • - Customs
  • - Accounting


You can choose the course orientation on any of the following fields


  • - Russian for hotel and restaurant businesses
  • - Banking
  • - Law
  • - General politics and political science
  • - Economics and Finance


Business course is recommended for students with upper-intermediate level.

The goals of business Russian course:


  • - Build skills for confident usage of Russian in business communication;
  • - Master the nuances of business Russian;
  • - Master business Russian vocabulary according to course themes;
  • - Build listening comprehension for business meetings, negotiations, and casual communication





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